Chapel East Window

Along with the Great East Window, the new Chancel, and the brass of Fr. Penfold, this window was dedicated at the Octave of the Ascension, 2nd June 1908, by Frederick Temple, Bishop of London. Like the brass, the pulpit and the Great East Window, it is a memorial to Fr. Penfold.

The Crucified Christ is accompanied by Our Lady and St John, and surrounded by angels. Two of these angels adore the Crucified, while the others hold emblems of Our Lady: ‘the Star of Jacob,’ ‘the Garden enclosed,’ ‘the closed Door,’ ‘the Tower of David,’ ‘the Lily of the Valley,’ and ‘the Mystic Rose.’ The inscription reads “Remember before God Edward Bainbridge Penfold, first Vicar of this Parish, who died 29th July 1907; in loving memory of whose life and teaching this Window is here placed by his Parishoners and Friends.”