Chapel – Side Windows

Like the North Aisle windows, the windows in the Resurrection Chapel were executed by Burlison and Grylls. These were completed at different times, ranging from 1898 to 1911. The earliest was the window nearest the Altar showing the Confession of St Thomas, dedicated at Michaelmas 1898, though its figure of Christ is not original but a new one substituted in 1899 as part of alterations to the panel during the installation of the Supper at Emmaus panel next to it ready for dedication at Michaelmas 1899. In the words of the October 1899 parish magazine, these alterations were:

by Mr Garner’s direction … The figure of our Lord as He appears to Thomas, has never been considered very satisfactory, and it would probably have been altered long ago, only Mr Garner could not find time to come and see it. A fresh figure is therefore now to be substituted, and we hope that the whole window will now be as successful as the greater part of it has always been.

As its inscription shows, the Emmaus scene was given in memory of Thomas Percy Atchison, who had been the church’s second organist for thirteen years. He had retired to Folkestone on the east Kent coast, where he died on 12th May 1899. The Confession scene was in memory of an active parishoner, Susanna Braine, who had died on 23rd March 1895.
The former scene is captioned “He was known of them in the breaking of bread,” and the latter “And Thomas answered and said, ‘My Lord and my God’.” Below are the four Evangelists, St. Matthew, St. Mark, St. Luke and St. John. Above, an Angel bears a banner reading “But now is Christ risen from the dead and become the first fruits of them that slept.”

The two panels nearest the door were both installed and dedicated at Epiphany 1911, making them the most recent windows in the church. The money for them was left for that purpose by Mary Bunker, Fr. Penfold’s housekeeper, who had died on 25th August 1910. They depict two more Resurrection scenes: the women appearing at the tomb to be told “he is risen,” and the Lord’s appearance to Mary Magdelene. These are captioned respectively “fear ye not” and “touch me not.” Below these images are the four Latin Fathers of the Church, St. Jerome, St. Gregory, St. Augustine of Hippo and St. Ambrose. Above is an Angel bearing a scroll which reads “I am the Resurrection and the Life.”