Aumbry canopy

A new canopy over the aumbry in the Resurrection Chapel was dedicated on the First Evensong of Michaelmas in 1920, in memory of Francis Godfrey Tarn (1886-1919), his maternal aunt Camilla Dollman (1840-1919) and its initial designer’s only son Richard Moore (1892-1918).


Francis was an analytical chemist with a speech impediment, who had been refused by the Army three times for a heart defect before finally being accepted in January 1916 as Class B3, only fit for “sedentary service”. During the War he had moved from Wimbledon to Camden to live with Camilla, acting as thurifer, server and sidesmen when most of the parish’s men had been called up. The two died within two weeks of each other early in 1919 and her bequest of £50 to St Michael’s was spent on the canopy, as was £20 given by Tarn’s family in his memory.

Its initial designer Temple Lushington Moore (1856-1920) died during its production and his son-in-law Leslie Thomas Moore (1883-1957) took over, waiving his fee for the design as a memorial to Richard Moore. Richard had been a regular worshipper at St Michael’s until his death on board the mailboat RMS Leinster, sunk on the Irish Sea by a U-boat on 10th October 1918, whilst he was a Private in the Royal Wiltshire Hussars (Prince of Wales’ Own Royal Regiment): he is also commemorated on his father’s tombstone in Hampstead. Leslie later went on to design the new font and font cover at St Michael’s in 1928, whilst the aumbry canopy itself was re-gilded in 1938. The canopy was moved to the high altar of St Michael’s by the vicar in early 2019.