Fixtures and Details



The June 1926 parish magazine carried a list of volunteers to collect donations for the new font, adding that about £150 was needed “but it may very probably be more”. It concluded by saying that £20 received so far. The following month it mentioned that three more designs for the font had been received from Mr Leslie Moore “and we must lose no time in selecting one” and that only £26/3/6 collected so far. (Leslie Moore was the son-in-law and partner of Temple Lushington Moore and had completed the design of the tabernacle cover in the Resurrection Chapel in 1919 after Temple’s death.) The August 1926 magazine stated that the Finance Committee had accepted one of the three designs “with modifications”, to be submitted with estimate at next PCC meeting.

By the December 1926 issue £100 had been raised, but no estimate for the work had been received from the designers. This had risen to £160 by the January 1927 issue. The October 1927 magazine reported receiving a cheque from Joseph Green’s executors for £170, stating “Mr Green was always a good friend to St Michael’s and this legacy is the final proof of his devotion to the Church.” The following month carried a further explanation of the bequest – it was £170, including £50 “for the repair and embellishment of some part of the Church”. It had been decided that this should be the font. The March 1928 magazine stated that the new font was being erected at the time of writing.

The new font was described in the September 1928 magazine. The lower shields bear the arms of London, a plain Greek cross, a serpent in a goblet (symbolising St John the Evangelist), the arms of the Province of Canterbury, the fleur de lys (symbolising the Virgin Mary), a plain Greek cross pommee (symbolising St Michael) and the arms of the Diocese of London. The upper shields show “M” (for St Michael), IHS (the sacred monogram), the Shield of the Trinity, three instruments of the Passion, “Laus Deo” (praise be to God), two triangles with an eye (another symbol of the Trinity), IHS again and three fishes. The December 1933 issue included a final account of his time at St Michael’s by Fr Merritt, stating that £280 had been spent on new font but that the “cover [was] given later” (reported December 1933)

Font Cover


The font cover seems to have been erected in 1929. The Parish Magazine records no other details about it.