Its original scheme was a blank surface with motifs beneath “Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia”. This was probably on a red background, though we only have black-and-white evidence for it.

In his dealings with the London ecclesiastical authorities and the Aerated Bread Company in the late 1930s, the then-vicar Norman de Langdale stated his opinion that “At the present time the restoration of the reredos should … be taken in hand”. They agreed and £100 of the compensation was allocated to this project. However, the restoration may have become a full-blown redesign, since the Parish Magazines for 1939 refer to part of the compensation paying for a new design on the high altar reredos by William Lawson of Faith Craft. That new design is probably the present scheme showing the resurrected Christ beneath “Tu Rex Gloriae” (“Thou art the King of Glory”).1


  1. London Metropolitan Archives, MS18319/102